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The Mystery of Shutters

Here at Martin Kaye Interiors we are very conversant at the supply and fitting of shutters .

Upon our initial consultation we find that clients are normally ill advised on what shutters are available and more often, what is the correct shutter for the job. Usually to most, a white shutter is a white shutter. Actually this is where the mystery begins...

Recently we installed a very large order of shutters into a property in North London, The client was advised by a previous company to have bass wood shutters through out the property . On our initial survey the project has a number of bathrooms with windows near the sinks. We advised the client that a bass wood shutter would be incorrect in these areas, due to bass wood not being a suitable product for areas subjected to moisture. Invariably, bass wood draws moisture causing the product to swell.

A faux wood product was opted for, which not only saved the client money & was perfect for the bathroom areas of the home. On another note faux wood is more resistant to damage and can span larger windows due to the lightweight nature of the material. Another absolute plus with this product is that it is also available within a 3 to 4 week turnaround.

To make sure your getting the right shutter for the right window contact Martin Kaye Interiors today .

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